Luxury Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes

You Called...You Spoke...We Listened…

Many of our customers wanted bathrooms and kitchens in their Choza. This, for all practical purposes...moved us into the tiny house market. Whether you want one for your recreational property or as an in-law suite for your backyard or just an a spare place for out of town guests... we have you covered.

Our team assists with permitting and getting you set up to enjoy this extra space. It’s great for hunting lodges, glamping or tiny home communities. Unlike lot’s of tiny homes that are out there, we are not limited by the 8 ft width of a trailer frame. Our tiny home models are not on wheels. They are on permanent solid foundations, just like your home. It definitely won’t feel like you’re walking around in an RV. These are luxury tiny homes. We create a space around your lifestyle. The Choza Crew designs unique storage and amenities with high quality luxury materials that reflect the flow of your days through your luxury tiny home.

Whether you want a space to rent out, a weekend space to escape to on your property, or an extra living space for your extended family in your backyard, our permanent structure luxury tiny homes are created for you.

Let’s talk to see if a Choza Tiny Home is right for you...